Maintaining correct tyre pressure ensures balanced braking, maximum grip and long tyre life. Legally, you need to keep your tyres at the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Come in and see us and we will check your Tyre pressures and tyre condition.

We can also do a puncture repair on your tyre.

You need to choose the tyres that are right for your vehicle and the driving you do. No tyre is perfect for all driving conditions. Talk to an expert about how and where you regularly drive so they can advise on the tyres you might need.

Most tyre manufacturers recommend placing the tyres with the best grip at the rear, whether the car is front or rear wheel drive. Fitting tyres with less grip to the rear of a vehicle can result in over-steer and loss of control. It is best to replace your tyres in sets of four (or at least in pairs on the same axle) to maintain consistent handling.
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